7 Reasons to Add Rio de Janeiro to Your Bucket List — Rio de Janeiro, Breathtaking views, Exploring favelas

7 Reasons to Add Rio de Janeiro to Your Bucket List

7 Reasons to Add Rio de Janeiro to Your Bucket List
There is a bunch of cities in the world that just cry out to be visited, and Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro is definitely on that list. This diverse city can impress even the most experienced traveler with a plethora of the most incredible contrasts, natural marvels and unique local culture. Here is a glimpse into what you can definitely expect during your wonderful and unforgettable Rio’s tour, report replyua.net

Breathtaking views
Rio is the city where lush tropical nature meets with urban landscapes and the sea. Add to this mountains and picturesque islands stretching in the vicinity, and you will get one of the most versatile landscapes in the world to enjoy viewing.

Exploring favelas
Brazil’s urban neighborhoods, aka favelas, are typically dangerous islands of violence, where even police do not set foot in. This is a thriving environment for guns and drugs-fuelled crimes. However, in Rio you can visit favelas that are tourist-friendly and well-developed, also offering a diverse artistic scene.

Great urban beaches
Probably the world’s most famous beach, Rio’s Copacabana is more than just a beach. It is a vibrant cultural, artistic and sports community, frequented by locals and tourists alike. In fact, Copacabana is one of the city’s iconic symbols. Other notable beaches are Ipanema and Joatinga.

Stunning waterfalls in the vicinity
Rio de Janeiro is surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, and natural wonders are yet another attraction of the area. Tijuca Forest is home to several stunning waterfalls. Waterfalls at Ilha Grande island are perfect for swimming.

Yummy local cuisine
Luxuriate on Rio’s beloved ultra strong black coffee, which would energize you for most of the day of roaming through Rio’s streets. Local padarias, or bakeries, offer the most delicious pastry. Do not forget to taste the country’s famous barbeques and a cool revitalizing acai beverage.

A magnificent statue of Christ
A lot of Catholic cities have statues of Christ the Redeemer installed on the prominent landmarks, but Rio’s statue is probably the most recognized in the world. When you have marveled at the statue itself, turn your attention to the sweeping views of the city below.

Go get a lesson in samba
This sensual dance is so characteristic of a Brazilian national character. For a more authentic experience, book a lesson in one of the countless samba schools, or just go for a stroll across the city square and enjoy watching colorful street performances.